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The most common place for people to listen to the radio is in their cars, usually driving to and from work. If you work normal to fairly-normal hours, this means you'll be driving during peak traffic hours. This also means that, listening to your radio, you're going to get the greatest concentration of commercials.

There's an old saying about television: movies sell seats, television sells soap. This refers to the commercials that make most television free. The more people who watch, the more the network can make per each commercial. It's the same with radio. The prime ad spots are when the most people are likely to be listening. (This is why, if you've ever had the radio on late at night, there are many fewer commercials because there are fewer listeners.) This way the sponsors know they're getting the most bang for their advertising buck. But if you're stuck in traffic during your morning commute, you won't want to be listening to endless commercials with only a smattering of songs. That's why a radio with an SCA encoder may be for you.

SCA radios have special encoders that allow them to receive the subcarrier frequencies common to many FM stations. Types of programming you can receive include reading services for the vision-impaired and foreign-language broadcasts. But the most common types of transmission is commercial-free background music. Of course, with the SCA radio, you'll have a whole plethora of listening options to choose from.

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