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Remember Cracker Jack? The peanut-popcorn-caramel confection was great, but the best part was the prize inside. One of the coolest prizes was the decoder ring. With this ring, you could take text that appeared like gibberish and make some rational sense out of it. An SCA radio decoder, while understandably more complex, works roughly the same way.

First, let's go over some technical information about how FM radio works, and what SCA transmissions are. FM stations are allocated by the FCC in 200 kHz increments. Radio stations can transmit audio which is up to 100 kHz, which is well outside the range of human hearing. Most FM stations generally are limited to 15 kHz. This leaves most of the 100 kHz spectrum unused. This is where SCA transmissions enter the picture.

SCA stands for "Subsidiary Communications Authority" (which is the legal term), and it refers to subcarrier transmissions. Some FM stations will place subcarriers in the unused portion of the 100 kHz spectrum, usually between 67 and 92 kHz. The signal that your radio receives then has to be decoded and split properly between the left and right channels. Without proper decoding, you'll hear nothing but unintelligible nonsense.

Radio SCA offers an SCA/SCMO Decoder Radio Sub Carrier that will capture and decode these SCA signals for you. Our radio is the most advanced SCA/SCMO radio ever built for the home, office, or car. You'll be able to enjoy multicultural radio, reading services for the blind, or commercial-free music selections. We offer superior products at low prices.

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